Biotica Research Today, Volume 5, Issue 9 : 692-696
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Published on : 25-Sep-2023

Newer Synthetic Sex Pheromone Formulations and Their Applications in IPM

  • Gothandaraman Rajadurai
  • Dept. of Plant Biotechnology, CPMB&B, TNAU, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (641 003), India


Insect pheromones represent a class of volatile organic molecules with a low molecular weight capable of inducing specific behavioral responses within individuals of the same species. These pheromones serve as communication signals, facilitating interactions between members of the same or opposite sex. In the realm of agricultural crops, insect pheromones play a vital role as indispensable components of pest monitoring and management strategies. The utilization of insect pheromones enables the implementation of targeted pest control methodologies. These encompass techniques such as mating disruption, mass trapping, attract-and-kill and push-pull approaches. By relying on pheromones, these direct pest control strategies contribute significantly to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to broad-spectrum insecticides. Pheromone-based methods can be effectively employed as monitoring or management tools within integrated pest management (IPM) programs, ensuring long-term pest control while minimizing adverse environmental impacts.


Formulations, IPM, Pheromones, Sex Pheromones

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