Research Biotica, Volume 4, Issue 3 : 108-112. Doi : 10.54083/ResBio/4.3.2022/108-112
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Published on : 26-Jul-2022

Advances in Indian Floriculture with Focus on the North-East Region

  • Mausum Kumar Nath
  • Dept. of Horticulture, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam (785 013), India
  • Himadri Shekhar Datta
  • College of Horticulture and Farming Systems Research, Nalbari, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam (785 013), India


Floriculture is a remunerative and highly competitive industry. In India, floriculture is emerging as an important economic activity and foreign exchange earner. The advances in Indian floriculture sector have been brought about by the application of various technologies like vertical gardening, aeroponics, hydroponics, plasticulture, etc. The North Eastern region of the country has for long been recognized as nature’s gift to the country in view of the wealth of ornamental plants. High value flower production in protected poly and green houses are being encouraged for entrepreneurial development in the region. Current study reveals the research works and projects executed by the institutes and development centres that have led to the overall floriculture development in the region thus exploiting its potentiality.


Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Plasticulture, Remunerative

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