Research Biotica, Volume 4, Issue 1 : 29-32. Doi : 10.54083/ResBio/4.1.2022/29-32
Short Communication

Published on : 27-Mar-2022

Population Dynamics of Thrips Infesting Bt Cotton in Relation to Weather Factors

  • M. Amutha
  • ICAR-Central Institute for Cotton Research, Regional Station, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (641 003), India


Population dynamics of thrips, Thrips tabaci Lindemann and their correlation with weather factors were investigated during 2017 to 2019 at ICAR-Central Institute for Cotton Research, Tamil Nadu. The incidence of thrips was recorded from the 39th SMW (Standard Meteorological Week) and peaked at 43rd SMW with the range of 0.7 to 14.7 thrips leaf-1 in 1st season (Kharif 2017-18). At the second season (Summer 2018), thrips incidence occurred at the 10th SMW and thrips population peaked in the 14th SMW and varied between 1.5 and 15.8 thrips leaf-1. Thrips incidence started during the 39th SMW during the third season (Kharif 2018-19). The thrips population peaked in the 42nd SMW, ranging from 1.4 to 11.2 thrips leaf-1. After reaching its peak, thrips population was constantly decreased. Correlation matrix revealed that thrips population correlated positively with minimum temperature, maximum temperature and relative humidity although there was a negative association with rainfall. These findings will be useful for evolving appropriate management practices for thrips.


Cotton, Population dynamics, Thrips, Weather factors

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