Research Biotica, Volume 3, Issue 1 : 25-27. Doi : 10.54083/ResBio/3.1.2021.25-27
Short Communication

Published on : 25-Feb-2021

Profitability of Paddy Cultivation under Different Level of Mechanization in Mandya District of Karnataka

  • Satishkumar M.
  • Dept. of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, Bheemarayanagudi, University of Agriculture Science - Raichur, Karnataka (585 287), India
  • K.B. Umesh
  • Dept. of Agricultural Economics, GKVK, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka (560 065), India


This study was carried out to assess the comparative cost structure and profitability of paddy cultivation under different level of mechanization in Cauvery command area of Karnataka. 120 respondents were selected randomly and the sample respondents were post-stratified based on the level of farm mechanization. The results revealed that, the cost of cultivation of paddy in the study areas was lower in case of farmers harvesting and threshing using combine harvester (Rs. 75,583.00 /ha), followed by harvesting manually and threshing mechanically (Rs. 76,239.00 /ha), harvesting and threshing manually (Rs. 78,125.00 /ha), respectively. The farmers using combine harvester for harvesting realized increase in net returns in paddy cultivation. The mechanization index in paddy was about 10-40 percent in study area based on the level of farm mechanization. The results clearly depicted the importance of the farm mechanization in realizing additional profit to the farmers.


Harvesting, Mechanization, Net returns, Profitability

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