Research Biotica, Volume 2, Issue 3 : 102-104. Doi : 10.54083/ResBio/2.3.2020.102-104
Review Article

Published on : 05-Sep-2020

Prospects of Cleistogamy in Plant Breeding

  • A. Manivannan
  • ICAR- Central Institute for Cotton Research, Regional Station, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (641 003), India


Cleistogamy is a mode of reproduction which promotes self-pollination as the flower remains closed even after anthesis. This system avoids contamination of foreign pollen to outcross the clesitogamous flower. In nature, under suboptimal environmental condition, few plant species produce cleistogamous flower which requires fewer resources to reproduction. Three different types of cleistogamy occur in plants namely dimorphic cleistogamy, induced cleistogamy, and complete cleistogamy. This kind of sexual reproduction maintains the locally adopted gene complex and homogeneity of the genes in the population. This system of reproduction helps in achieving the genetic purity of any species. This system can be transferred to other species to exploit the cleistogamous nature of reproduction.


Breeding strategies, Cleistogamy, Mixed mating, Reproduction, Self-Pollination

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