Research Biotica, Volume 4, Issue 1 : 01-04. Doi : 10.54083/ResBio.4.1.2022.01-04
Short Communication

Published on : 25-Jan-2022

Soil Nutrient Dependency of Biochemical Pathways for Synthesis of Plant Compounds

  • Walton Sumner
  • Argillic Horizon, 7 Old Westbury Lane, St. Louis (63119), USA
  • Sougata Bardhan
  • 306A Foster Hall, College of Agriculture, Environment, and Human Sciences, Lincoln University, Jefferson City (65101), USA


Micronutrient deficiency has been linked to various human diseases. Crops grown in mineral-depleted soils may have reduced food quality as measured by nutrient density because of any deficient minerals and a potential impaired ability to synthesize compounds essential to human health, including vitamins. Until recently, micronutrient density was not clearly understood and may have silently crept through the food chain, exacerbating various modern human diseases. We believe investigating the critical roles of soil micronutrients, especially magnesium (Mg) and zinc (Zn) in vitamin synthesis and function is urgently needed.


Biochemical pathways, Magnesium, Micronutrients, Soil nutrient status, Zinc

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