About the Journal

Journal of Ethnopharmacology and Toxicology (JET) is open access, international peer-reviewed, and multidisciplinary journal dedicated to rapid dissemination of research in botany, plant science, pharmacology and toxicology. Interdisciplinary papers focusing on ethnopharmacology, ethnobotany, or ethnochemistry of indigenous drugs will be also welcomed in the journal. In accordance with international conventions, the journal aims to provide information about the biological and pharmacological effects of plants, fungi, animals, microorganisms, and minerals used by people.

Aim and Scope 

1. The journal welcomes manuscripts in the above-mentioned fields especially those highlighting the multi-disciplinary nature of ethnopharmacology.

2. Traditional medicine, ethnobotany, toxicology and herbal medicine

3. Herbal therapeutics, phytomedicine and herbal preparations

4. Biological and pharmacological effects of plant extracts and essential oils.

5. Studies involving pharmacological and toxicological mechanisms of action are especially welcome.

6. This journal publishes original papers on classification, biodiversity, morphology, physiology, molecular biology, ecology, biotechnology, ethnobotany, and other botanically related topics.

7. New findings on other species of the world and general botanical principles will also be considered.

8. Medicinal plants in healthcare, clinical trials and pilot studies

9. Medicinal and Aromatic plants, cash crops and horticultural crops

10. Medicinal plants and their anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, hypotensive, antispasmodic, anti-diabetic, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity

11. Phytochemicals as Therapeutics in Heavy Metal Toxicity

12. Bibliometrics and Scientometrics analysis on medicinal plants

The frequency of publication is January-MarchApril-JuneJuly-September and October-December.

Submission: email your article to us- jetpharmacology@gmail.com

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The average processing durations

Initial Evaluation Report to Author: 2 weeks (format & plagiarism)

First decision: 4 weeks (on sending review or not)

Review reports: 11 weeks

Revisions and Acceptance: 4 weeks

Final Proof: 4 weeks (after acceptance)

Early view: 3 weeks (after final proof corrections)